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Information for your article....we'll get it.  Research for your grant...we'll get that too!  Knowledge for your campaign or anything else, we deep dive for you!


Our specialty is getting people to talk and engage with truth and honesty.  You bring them in, we lay out the game plan, listen and report on what is said.


Misspelled words are easy to find and correct.  But, consistency in documents, especially for conference publications, is our specialty.  We work in EXCELLENCE!


My Black Life Matters as much as your white one does.  With the coming browning of America, it is important for companies and organizations to recognize this or they will begin to lose money.


Know the Black history of my hometown.  It might inform you of the importance of Black history in America.


A brilliant writer and researcher, Carmen has become known as a powerful advocate for race, equity and legacy.  Her mind is only matched by her vast knowledge of the English language.


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"Carmen Cauthen is the consummate professional; smart, highly skilled, attention to detail, timely, and without peer. The excellence she displayed regarding the critical task of proofreading our major documents was the best we’ve ever had in 18 years of the PowerNetworking Conference. I highly recommend her for any task in her realm of expertise. Thank you Carmen for going above and beyond the call of duty."

Dr. George Fraser
CEO, FraserNet, Inc.
Carmen Cauthen has an eye for details. Carmen provided my company with the opportunity to close gaps and grow in my business sector as it relates to content writing. She is very responsive to her client’s needs and meets them with excellent strategies and solutions. We highly recommend Carmen Cauthen to the business industry, not only locally and statewide, but globally.

Sharon Campbell

Sharon Campbell Strategic Solutions


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